We are an emerging capital introductions firm partnering with pedigreed investment managers demonstrating consistent outperformance across the alternatives spectrum to build strong relationships and raise capital from long-term institutional investors.


We support the IM’s to execute effective fundraising strategies and provide them with the reach and insight required to deliver these compelling strategies. Summa Alternatives follows a screening process with a focus on due diligence to identify distinguished investment managers based on their track records. We subsequently engage before and after a fundraise exercise to ensure continued success.




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Kris is the Managing Partner and responsible for identifying managers in the hedge funds, real estate and private equity asset classes while also building and maintaining warm relationships with the firm’s existing and new investor base. Kris has the unique experience of bulge-bracket investment banking and asset management. In his previous role at a long-only India focused investment fund, he was the head of Business Development and Investor Relations where he raised majority of the institutional capital from global investors including US, Australia, UK, and Middle East. In 2019, he founded Summa Alternatives to focus on raising institutional capital for alternative investment fund managers.

Kris is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Earlier, Kris graduated from the Mumbai University with a Bachelors in Commerce.

He is an ardent fan of the tennis maestro, Roger Federer; loves to holiday in off-beat locations around the world; finds solace in strumming his guitar; cooking over the weekends; and actively follows international and domestic affairs.

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Shweta Tiwari is the Partner at Summa Alternatives leading the venture capital vertical where she identifies high quality early-stage investing teams seeking capital raising opportunities from the firm’s institutional investor relationships. Sweta is also the Co-Founder and COO at Startup Réseau (SR) and has been associated with the start-up ecosystem for more than a decade. Prior to SR,  Sweta was managing India operations and finances for Zone Startups, a global brand of meta accelerators and early stage VC fund. 

Sweta holds a MBA (Finance) and Bachelors in Economics from Mumbai University. She is an avid traveler, follows tennis and loves to paint canvases in her free time.



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Summa Alternatives LLP is a a Limited Liability Partnership registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 under the LLP identification number: AAQ-9449 and is authorised and regulated by the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. All securities transactions with US persons under SEC's Rule 15A6 are chaperoned by INTE Securities LLC, member FINRA.


Summa Alternatives is compensated by the managers it represents. This fee is paid by the investment manager from the fees they receive from the investors Summa Alternatives has introduced to them. The investment manager does not have any other approach to compensate Summa Alternatives, meaning there is no additional cost borne by the investor in utilizing services from Summa Alternatives. Summa Alternatives is not affiliated with and has no relationship with any of the managers it represents other than a written services agreement covering the marketing and capital introduction services offered by the firm to its managers.

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